About Us

My wife Shelly and I live in Christoval, Texas where we have raised our three kids - Riley, Kaylin, and Kinley for the last 19 years. Shelly and I graduated from Texas Tech University and own an Insurance Agency in San Angelo, TX just north of us. We began raising registered Longhorns after 2 full years of research, careful consideration, and advice from many successful breeders around the country. I have always believed in quality over quantity in everything I have done. With that in mind, we narrowed down to what we believe are the best genetics in the business and went all in with a small herd of registered longhorns. We continue to work with the best genetics in the business and still work with other breeders to bring out the best in all of our longhorns. I appreciate the time you have taken to learn a little bit more about us. Feel free to shoot me any questions you might have. - Drew Workman